June 22, 2018

Dear Sardis Family,

It is my prayer that each of you had a great 4th of July week. Let us continue to be reminded what a blessing it is that we live in a country that offers us the freedoms that we have as Americans. To that end, as we continue to drift into what has come to be known as the post-Christian era let us be in prayer for a revival of the Christian values that the founding fathers held.

Speaking of revival, it is my opinion that we are experiencing somewhat of a revival here at Sardis. Our worship attendance continues to be solid. I would encourage each of you to bring someone with you to worship. I shared with you that we would do some different things to get us together. With that in mind, we plan to have our first movie gathering sometime in the fall. Also, we are entertaining the idea of having a Sunday morning service on the lawn. We will wait until the weather is less hot and humid to do that. After the experience of “Sunrise Service” where the community embraced the service, it appears that this is an opportunity to once again get the community involved at Sardis.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there is some need that you would like for me to fill.


Rev. chuck