Bible Study 2023

Beginning Feb. 26, 2023, 5:30pm-7pm, we will begin a new Bible Study group to focus on understanding the Old Testament. This study group will last 12 weeks (not meeting on Easter or Mother's Day). Please contact the Sardis Church Office asap - there is still time to join. Email or call 404.237.6060 (leave a voice mail) to let us know you plan to participate. The book we will be reading and discussing is 'The Epic of Eden, Understanding the Old Testament' by Sandra L. Richter. If you have any questions, please send an email to the Church Office to reach either our Bible Study Coordinator, Claudia Downs, or Rev. Chuck Savage. Invite a friend or family member that might be interested...everyone is welcome, Sardis membership is not required. See the brief book summary below. Join us on Sunday evenings! 

'The Epic of Eden, Understanding the Old Testament' ~ Sandra L. Richter

"Does your knowledge of the Old Testament feel like a grab bag of people, books, events and ideas? How many times have you resolved to really understand the OT? To finally make sense of it?" "Perhaps you are suffering from what Sandra Richter calls the "dysfunctional closet syndrome." If so, she has a solution. Like a home-organizing expert, she comes in and helps you straighten up your cluttered closet. Gives you hangers for facts. A timeline to put them on. And handy containers for the clutter on the floor. Plus she fills out your wardrobe of knowledge with exciting new facts and new perspectives." "The whole thing is put in usable order - a history of God's redeeming grace. A story that runs from the Eden of the Garden to the garden of the New Jerusalem.'