December 1, 2017

The Church Council has decided to adopt a family this Christmas in lieu of the discontinued toy ministry that we supported through Buckhead Christian Ministries. The oldest son, Kurt, was struck by a car while walking on a sidewalk in his neighborhood. As a result of the accident, Kurt is confined to a bed and is fed through a feeding tube. The prognosis is that he will remain in this state for the rest of his life. Additionally, their father has deserted the family and his failure to continue making the payments on their house has left them without a home. Please keep this family in your prayers and consider making a contribution in the amount that you would have spent on toys to this worthy cause. Below is a brief biography of each family member. We will lift a love offering the first two Sundays of December to make this gift available.

Kurt is 20 years old, and enjoys spending time with his brothers. Before the accident he was a culinary arts student at Chattahoochee Tech. He still loves to be in the kitchen when anyone is cooking, and we have fun watching movies and playing cards whenever he has a partner to hold his cards.

Kaiden is 15, and is a sophomore at Pope High School. Like most teenage boys, he loves video games, and is typically glued to the Play Station. This year he's taking an Audio Visual class, so he's had fun making videos on the computer. Kaiden is the techie of the family.

Pierson is a 13-year-old seventh grader at Hightower Trail Middle School. He also loves video games, and he enjoys fencing, as well. Pierson plays the double bass in orchestra, and enjoys any and all music.

Maxwell is a sixth grader at Hightower Trail Middle School, and he just turned 12. He also plays bass in the school orchestra. Maxwell LOVES cooking and he enjoys playing chess and card games.

Leslie is the proud mother of four amazing sons. She was a stay at home mom and competitive fencer until two years ago. She coached high school fencing in Sandy Springs for one year, but she stopped coaching, following Kurt's accident. Leslie loves sports photography, and jumps at any chance to photograph athletes of all ages. She is now home caring for Kurt full time.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Chuck