March 9, 2018

As we move closer to celebration the Resurrection, my excitement builds for the Sunrise Service that we will have this year at Sardis. As I think about what it must have been like for Mary Magdalene, Peter and John as they found the tomb empty, it occurs to me that many questions must have gone through their minds. One of the many questions would have been; who might have opened the tomb and stolen the body of Jesus? A second might have been; why would anyone want to steal the body of a dead man? The foundation of our faith is based on the answers to at least these questions. The answer to the first question provides the answer to the second question. No one stole the body because there was no body to be stolen. The words of the angel echo through the ages… “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” Let me extend to you an invitation to revisit and experience what Mary, Peter and John experienced on that first Easter morning…We will celebrate the empty tomb and the risen Christ.

On a different note, shortly we will begin to work on a statement of vision for our church. In the book of Proverbs, we find the warning “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” The prophet Habakkuk tells us that the Lord instructed him to “Write the vision and make it plain…” As we move forward many of you will be asked to share your stories about your relationship with Sardis. You will also be asked to share your thoughts about the role of Sardis in positively moving the kingdom of God forward in our community. I can’t over-emphasize the importance of vision, it is the filter through which we should pass anything we choose to do. I am excited that this work is about to begin.

One final thought for this week, last week we had 56 in attendance. I am confident that our little church is one of the best kept secrets in Buckhead. Let me encourage each of you to share the secret with a family member, a friend or just someone you meet in the grocery store or elsewhere. Remember that each of us are “Christ’s Ambassadors,” and we have been entrusted with the message and mission of reconciliation. I am confident that if we do our part, the Holy Spirit will do His part.

Be Blessed,

Rev. Chuck